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Irrational Black Woman

A recent controversy on Tumblr has been the creation and so to say popularity of these irrational black woman memes. Here are a few

There is actually a Tumblr dedicated to meme, here.

 These aren't even the original ones which were much more offense and degrading. I've been on tumblr for a bit now and i have never seen such memes targeted at a single group to this degree. I've never been one to take offense or feel targeted by racial stereotypes and comments because i have never felt as if i fit into any of them. Yes they are ignorant, rude and i would prefer for them not to exist but the truth of it is that they do. I don't waste time arguing with the people that make those comments because i rather use that energy to out do them in every way possible until all they have are these stereotypes to cling onto because they realize that they are inferior to me. I feel that as black women, we are one of the most disrespected and under appreciated groups out there, and we are type cast into a role that unfortunately many of us play into. I was reading an article the other day about how the term "Independent Black Woman" has basically turned into a term of ridicule. The author explained that so many unfit women throw around the title of independent black woman that it has become soiled, no one really takes you seriously if you label yourself as such. Many black women were raised to take on the burden of men, family and society, therefore their opinions and view play in as such. And due to these immense responsibilities and pressures they fall into the category of angry irrational black woman. Sadly I feel like it has become a reoccurring cycle.
What do you think of these Irrational Black Woman memes and stereotypes of black women as a whole? 


  1. Although the memes are not overly flattering, they are mean to be ironic and humorous as well as honest. I haven't seen them all but they do bring up some relevant points to the complex issues that face black women. I think it would be best to take this in a tongue in cheek manner. Some of them im sure are offensive, but some of them are simply comedic jabs at real things.

    Here is one thing to think about. Despite your assertion to the contrary, these types of memes have been all over the cultural spectrum. There are probably a dozen dedicated to different aspects of the culture of white women and men. To take umbrage to this would only serve to fuel the forces behind it. As a people, we have to learn that a byproduct of our progress is that we will open ourselves up to more scrutiny and ridicule, some harmless and some hurtful. When we were seen in a worse light, no one would dare make jokes about our imperfections. Because we have progressed, we now are faced with different challenges, but we cannot continue to act as victims, and cry foul at every issue as we gain victories against the forces against us.

    Continue to ignore the truly negative and hurtful ones, they will never go away. But for the ones with some humor and weight, let them slide. Raising an uproar over this will make us all look hypersensitive and stupid.

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