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Spring/ Summer time hair: ONYC Tight Kinky Curly 3C-4A

SPRING has arrived!!! and you know what that means??? NEW HAIR...haha...I bet that's not what you thought of...but that's what comes to MY mind :))  ENJOY!!

*Two 12" bundles of ONYC Mongolian Tight Kinky Curly 3C-4A installed on a u-part wig. Watch the attached video for more info on everything*

UPDATE: check out the link on the left called "Nkeiru Wigs" to purchase the more affordable kinky curly that I wear now, or to purchase a custom wig :)


  1. That hair is gorgeous! Way outta my price range for now tho :(

  2. the hair is pretty on you...l thought it was your real hair in the first comment, so l had to delete it..lol But I love kinky hair for summer. Gorgeous!


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